pity party for ZERO | 9.13

17 years I spent hardly hearing her greet me a Happy Birthday. I hardly even heard her say she loved me. 10 wholesome years after that, I spent painstakingly fixing the damage. Of course I got it wrong a few times – trying to grow my own family, or label people so I could feel like I belonged to someone. Looking back, I now realize that in all of that ‘tending to my heart’, the purest reason for my longing wasn’t just because I was deprived of being loved, but rather – I had so much of my own love that I genuinely wanted to give.

So please, join me on my countdown to my tenth and final year of finding where I fit perfectly and where I am wholeheartedly wanted. I finally found it; in the arms of an amazing man, coupled with a sons’ unconditional acceptance, intertwined with a great network of friends – wrapped beautifully with the peace in my heart. 


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