Opportunity | it’s everywhere 


I woke up today and thought – I am done. No more counting seconds until I’m completely passed out, no more fast food, and no more coming home to my filth. No more emotional traffic jolts, no more stock up on waterproof mascara – no more looking for me like I’m a missing person. I’m not lost, and I’m not broken. I am human. Sometimes, I won’t forgive. Sometimes, I can’t forget. And sometimes, I will deliberately, and confidently, not do either. What I also won’t do, is fall victim to my own choices. So today, I got up, and I got it together. I came in one with a few facts in life: not everyone actually loves you; not everyone actually cares how you’re doing; not everyone is actually sorry when you’re not feeling right; not every person in your life actually wants you to stay in theirs. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a wholesome person, nor should any of those realities inhibit you from living a fruitful life. There will be times when the glass is half empty, and other times when it is half full – if you’re thirsty, drink it anyway. Your own life is what your own decisions make of it. If you feel like opportunity.is.nowhere – then do whatever you need to do to feel like opportunity.is.now.here.