C.P.L.G. | Dear Carson 


… If I ever actually became a bona fide writer, I would talk about how my first actual piece was a blog about you, mi conquistador. Never in a million years did I once think of being a mother. Turns out, the heart really is a powerful organ. I know that right now you think I’m your best friend. We recite our vows to each other every night before we shut our eyes; we’re each other’s favorite, and we’re each other’s “person”. But the truth is, the day that you’ll replace me as number one woman, or as right hand wingman, will actually come sooner than either of us think. You should know that I had already covered these things in my piece about you, as you were only a being who liked to break dance in my belly. And with that, I’ll still love you as my favorite, and as my person.




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